Major Market Events Can Save Our Customers
Upwards of $15,000
When Buying A Boat Before Jan. 1st!!!!!

1.Price Increase January 1 Across the Board from Boat Manufactures.

2.Under the Newly Elected Governor, we do Not Know If the 3.437% Sales Tax will remain in place as Phil Murphy has Stated he is raising All Taxes to pay down Debt which could put it back to 7% January 19th.

3.Federal Reserve will be Raising Increase Rates as a mechanism to Control Inflation as the Stock Market Is Growing at Unprecedented rates.  End of 2017 beginning 2018

4.Demand for Boats is at Industry High and Manufactures Can Not Produce Inventory Needed to Meet 2018 Market Demand. If Prospective Buyers Wait till Next Year they will have to take available Inventory or As Is and Potentially Not Get Boats till July or Worse Not at All.

5.Those Looking to Trade or Get Out Of their Boats After January 1 boat will be faced with another year of Depreciation. 

The Newly Designed & Engineered 2018

Tidewater 232 CC & LXF!
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For a 20k Price Reduction on our 2 In stock 2018 280cc’s / 320cc’s.
They are Limited Production Boats and are extremely difficult to get
so the Price reduction comes with one Contingent…
and that is it will be Displayed at the Atlantic City Boat Show. 
We will be passing on these HUGH SAVINGS to some Lucky Customers
that will lets us Show the Boat at The End of February 2018.

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2018 280CC & 320CC Custom Tidewater
Boats In-Stock Ready to GO!!!
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